Early onset alhzeimer's

Ice Cream in the Cupboard tells the story of how Early Onset Alzheimer’s disease can affect a patient, caregivers, and loved ones. The movie chronicles Pat Moffett’s experience after his wife, Carmen, was diagnosed at an early age. He learned this debilitating disease can affect many aspects of life, including work and family life. Because this disease can be difficult to manage, it’s important to learn about the disease and how to best support your loved one.
Learn more about the disease, as well as ways to get involved raising Alzheimer’s awareness and supporting the mission to find a cure.
What Is Early Onset Alzheimer’s disease?
Early Onset Alzheimer's disease is a rare form of dementia that affects people under the age of 65. Of the patients who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, only about five percent will develop symptoms before they turn 65. Many Early Onset Alzheimer's patients experience symptoms that results in issues with memory, thinking, and behavior as early as their 40s and 50s.
Early symptoms of the disease
Currently, many risk factors and causes of Alzheimer's are unknown. However, many medical professionals have found a family history of the disease to be a major factor. Symptoms often start slowly and get gradually more severe over time, affecting different daily activities and routines.
Early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include:
● Forgetting information that should be easy to remember, like important dates
● Asking for the same information over and over
● Losing track of things, like the date and time, or where you are and how you got there
● Changes in mood and personality
● Forgetting where you put things and being unable to find them
● Poor judgement
Treating Early Onset Alzheimer’s disease
There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s, and no way to slow its progression. However, Alzheimer’s patients have options for treating the disease with or without drugs. Doctors may prescribe medication to help with memory loss, or provide treatment to help correct behavior and sleep changes.
If you or a loved one has been experiencing any of the symptoms listed above and are under 65, contact a medical professional. He or she may want to determine the possibility of the disease and start developing an individual treatment plan.
Get Involved in Finding a Cure for Alzheimer’s
Join the mission to find a cure for this devastating disease. Many national and local organizations were founded with the goal to raise awareness for the disease and fund research to find the cure. Find your local Alzheimer’s Association chapter to participate in events and fundraisers. Or, if you’re a caregiver, explore the Alzheimer’s Association’s resources for dementia caregivers. 



Be sure to visit your local Alzheimer's Association chapter in your community.
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about Pat moffett

Be sure to visit author Pat Moffet's website to learn more about himself and his wife Carmen who experienced this disease at an early age.
Find links about his book Ice Cream in the Cupboard and his other work, Fortunate Soldier.  Links to purchase both books are on his website.

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